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Multiple Internship Opportunities available at Mumbai, Delhi & Tata Nagar with NIDAAN Intelligence Services………

Rising Star of Investigation & Risk Management Industry; known as NIDAAN Intelligence Services (I) Private Limited………… Celebrating 14th Anniversary this year. We are one of the Leading Investigation and Risk Management Specialist Team of India to delivering complete set of Investigation and Risk Management Services in entire parts of India.
We are based out in Heart of Steel City “Jamshedpur“; which is situated on the Bank of River “Swarnrekha“.
Our goal is to get you the exact information; which always tends to the Client’s Satisfaction level in standard & quality manner and we promise that we will never turn in an incomplete report.
NIDAAN Intelligence…… has served and gave quality results to various organizations of various sectors such as; Banking, Telecom, FMCG, SMCG, Insurance, Pharma, other Industries etc. While working with various clients throughout journey of about 14 YearsNIDAAN Intelligence……. has built its forte in the sector of Investigation & Risk Management by providing quality and satisfactory result to the clients.
We assure always to our clients for the Standard & Quality Services.

Internship Opportunities available us and details are as follows: –
1.           Full Name of the Company along with the website:
           NIDAAN Intelligence Services (I) Private Limited

2.           What sort of products/services your company offers:
           Complete Set of Investigation & Risk Management Services.
3.           Name of the Owner: 
         Mr. Om Prakash (Founder & Managing Director).

4.           Complete Address of the company along with city and state:
            1st Floor, B C Dey Complex, D-Road, Near Super Market, Kagal
            Nagar, Sonari, Jamshedpur, 831011, Jharkhand, India.

5.           Contact Details including emails & phone number of the company:
              WhatsApp No.: +91-9234466631
              Email Id: 

6.           Opportunity Available in what field:
·         Human Resource
·         Sales & Marketing
·         Operations
·         Digital Marketing
·         Web & App Development
·         Business Development
·         Risk Management
·         Investigation Services
·         Accounts, Compliance & Audit  
7.           Whether Stipend is available? If yes how much?
          For Delhi & Mumbai: Rs. 7500/-
          For Tata Nagar: Rs. 10,000/- 

8.           Whether Certificate of Internship is available?
         Sure; we will issue Certificate of Internship to all Interns after
         Successful completion of internship with us.
9.           Any full time offer available after internship?
         Sure; If Candidates having good performance during Internship
         and showing interest for Full Time Opportunity. 

10.        Time to start the internship and duration of the internship:
         Since 1st of May 2019, 15th of May 2019 and 1st of June 2019
         Minimum Duration will be of 1 Months. 

11.        Please provide the email id and phone number of the person to be contacted for interview:
              Mrs. Ambika Singh (Director & Head–Operations)
              WhatsApp No.: +91-9234466631
              Email Id: 

12.        Briefly describe what sort of applicant you are looking for along with education, skills, experience:
Candidates belonging to the above mentioned Field; may apply for the Internship.  
13.        What Are you expecting from your intern to be achieved for you:
As best as; in his field and in respect to assigned work by officials.
14.        What an Intern can expect from you:
Full Time Job and Good Career Path along with good working environment. 
Thanks & Welcome in advance to all Interns; who willing to Internship with NIDAAN Intelligence……………

Sunday, 25 November 2018

Work with us as a Field Investigator, Prove yourself and get promoted

Join us as a "Field Investigators" and move your career to the growth path as mentioned below. 

Qualifications: Graduate in any stream. 
Age Band:
20-25 Yrs.
Rs. 12000/- + Fix Expense + Insurance (10 Lacs) + PF & ESI + incentives; if any...... 

Venue: NIDAAN Intelligence Services (I) Pvt Ltd, 1st Floor, B C Dey Complex, D-Road, Kagal Nagar,  Near Super Market, Sonari, Jamshedpur, 831011, Jharkhand, India.

Date & Time: 5th & 6th of December 2018 (11AM - 2PM). 

Requirements: -

1. Should be able in traveling at State Level & Nearby Region. 
2. Should be Clean Character. 
3. Should be Medically & Physically fit and fine. 
4. Only Freshers Candidates can apply. 
5. Should be proficient with Hindi, English & Regional Languages. 
6. Should be proficient with Microsoft Office & Internet. 
7. Only Male Candidate can apply for the position. 
8. Should have Own Smart Phone and Own Motorcycle.
9. Should be Sharp, Honest & Cool Minded. 

Note:- Work with us, Prove yourself and get promoted within 3-6 month only. 

Thursday, 4 October 2018

2nd Recruitment Week of the Year 2018 is Golden Opportunity for the Indian Jobseekers

2nd Recruitment Week of the Year 2018 will be organize by NIDAAN Intelligence Services (I) Private Limited from 08-10-2018 to 12-10-2018 and Reporting Time will be 11 AM-12 PM only. It's a Golden Opportunity for the Indian Job-seekers; who are interested to join Investigation & Risk Management Industry.

Position available with us are as follows: -

1. Field Investigators (5000 No.) from all India. 

a) Minimum State Level Traveling Capacity should be.
b) Qualification would be Minimum Intermediate in any stream.
c) Age Band: 18 - 30 Years only
d) Medically and Physically should be fit & fine.
e) Freshers Candidates may also apply.
f) Salary: Rs. 12,000/- + Fix Reimbursement + Incentives + Insurance.....

2. Team Leader from each State of India. 

a) Have to work at State Level with the help of Field Investigators as well as Self.
b) Minimum State Level Traveling Capacity should be.
c) Have to Recruit Minimum 15-20 Field Investigators.
d) Have to Monitor & Audit; each and every activity of Field Investigators.
e) Have to follow Time Management Rules; because Time Frame (TAT) is most important factor in our industry.
f) Medically and Physically should be fit & fine.
g) Qualification should be Minimum Graduate in any stream along with 1-2 Years of experience in Team Recruitment & Handling.
h) Age Band: 20 - 30 Years only.
i) Benefits: Salary (20 K - 22 K) + Fix Conveyance + Incentives + Insurance.....

3. Recruitment Manager for Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata & Chennai (Responsible for Zonal Recruitment) only.

a) Graduate/MBA in HR along with 3-4 Years of experience in Recruitment, Training & Team Management.
b) Age Band: 25-35 Years only.
c) Benefits: Salary (30 K - 35 K) + Fix Conveyance + Incentives + Insurance.....

4. Marketing Manager for Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata & Chennai (Responsible for Zonal Marketing) only.

a) Graduate/MBA in Marketing along with 3-4 Years of experience in Marketing, Team Building & Team Management.
b) Age Band: 25-35 Years only.
c) Benefits: Salary (30 K - 35 K) + Fix Conveyance + Incentives + Insurance.....

5. Office Manager (Law & HR Background) for Jamshedpur, Kolkata, Bhubaneswar & Raipur only.

Responsibilities of Office Manager: -
The basic duty of Office Manager would be to ensure the office running smoothly. They have to coordinate and monitor all the activities within office premises. During a typical day; Office Manager may check over completed documents for accuracy and quality, hold a staff meeting and ensure a lawyer has all necessary paperwork to take to court.
The Office Manager is responsible for assigning tasks and ensuring tasks are completed on time and in accordance with quality guidelines. Other job duties include Greeting Clients, Answering Incoming Calls, Managing Email Correspondence and handling clerical tasks. Additional Job duties of Office Manager include:
• Preparing Subpoenas (samman) and other legal documents.
• Handling Legal Research.
• Preparing memos and other correspondence.
• Creating Client Files.
• Organize Walk-in and Handling Interview Process.
• Completion of Recruitment Formalities.
• Training to New Staff.
• Scheduling attorney and Client Meetings.
Requirements for the Office Manager: -
a) LLB & MBA in HR with minimum 2-3 Years of work experience.
b) Age Band: 30-40 Years only.
c) Benefits: Salary (25K – 30K) + Insurance + Expense; if any……

Venue will be: 

NIDAAN Intelligence Services (I) Private Limited

1st Floor, B C Dey Complex, D-Road, Kagal Nagar, Near Super Market, Sonari, Jamshedpur, 831011, Jharkhand, India.

Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Background Check Services for Marriage in India

Marriage is a relationship between two people who live together and share their pain and happiness. This sacred relation is built with trust which is the base of strength. But what happens when this base was never meant to be strength? What happens when this trust was never meant to be there? What happens when this relationship started with a lie? When these situations come up with its ugly face, we wish that we would have known him/her a little more.
We can see every single angle of a plant but is it possible to see its root from outside? To see its root, you have to pull out the plant from the ground. Similarly, in this case you can investigate the external information which has been packed in a beautiful box but you can’t investigate the internal information which is locked in its roots. To investigate the reality of a person before marriage, there is an inspection process which is known as Background Check for Marriage.

What is Background Check for Marriage?
Background check for marriage refers to a service in which the complete detail of a person is represented in a short period of time. It includes the past affairs, crimes, drug addiction, job, family and all reality related to that individual’s life. These background checks are hard to do at our own, so such services are provided by some agencies which we call Intelligence Services. Hiring Intelligence services have become one of the most important parts of life because of the possible frauds in this era.

Why you should hire an Intelligence agency?
·  An agency saves a life from the destruction caused by fraud.
·  To understand the mentality level of that person or family.
·  To explore your expectations about marriage.
·  To know the financial problems that individual is dealing with.
·  To know about the way of living of the perspective person.
·  To know about the current affairs of your future husband/wife.
·  An agency helps to identify the true character of that person which matters the most in a relationship.
·  It helps to find whether that person is dealing with any disease like STD, AIDS or any other sexual disease.
·  It finds out whether that person is mentally unwell or not.
·  It ensures about the compatibility between two people.
·  Finances, past, present and future need to be reviewed.
·  It helps to reduce the risk of having divorce in future
·  Resolves many other doubts in mind.

What are the Challenges of not having Background check for Marriage?
·  Possibility of getting into some trap.
·  Possibility of exact opposite mentality of partners after marriage.
·  Possibility of divorce in future due to suffocating thoughts.
·  That individual could be a psycho which you didn’t know earlier.
·  Fake picture presented by the family in a trustworthy manner.
·  Possibility of having affairs or marriage already.
·  Torture for dowry.
·  It might cause a problem when you will find out that the person is drug addicted.

As the importance of hiring and disadvantages of not hiring an agency is cleared. It is very important to choose a trustworthy agency for you. So, count on us because we are always there for you. You can contact NIDAAN Intelligence Services (I) Private Limited which is India’s one of the premier background verification services company.

Contact Number:  +91-9234466631

Background Check Services for Hiring Good Employee

An employee is the base of any company. Without an employee, a company won’t be running for a long period of time. They contribute to the company's profitability. They give their best to take the company to the next level with their knowledge and hard-work. To show their qualification on the certificate and to get a job, an employee studies day and night and on their certificates basis, the manager selects the employees. Basically, the tool of employees is their education and on this principle element they get an entry in the organization team. But it might be surprising when employer comes to know that the education tool never existed. Yes! You have read it right. This case is known as Employee Fraud.

What is Employee Fraud?
Employee fraud refers to a case where an employee is caught with his wrong qualification details. To get a job, an employee creates an illegal false document where he mentions his wrong education background. This might create a problem for the company because it takes a fair time to teach an employee and set co-ordination. To avoid such situation a company should hire Intelligence agencies for Background Check Verification.

What is Background Check Verification for Employees?
An employee background check reviews an applicant’s criminal records, address history, qualification records, character records, driving records, fraud records and family records. It may also include a check of credentials and credit background check. Background check verification is an effective way to discover potential issues that may be caused by employees that could affect your business. Background check is completely legal process and this legal process is cooked by Intelligence Agencies.

What is the Importance of Hiring Intelligent Services?
·  Avoidance of loss of business due to employee lack of knowledge
·  Limitation of liabilities.
·  Protection of your customers.
·  To hire the most qualified people who will help to grow your business instead of destroying it.
·  To encourage honesty and discipline in the interview process.
·  To provide a safe workplace for employees.
·  Reputation of the company.
·  Fear of business loss over an incident caused by an employee due to unknown mental illness.

What are the consequences of not hiring Intelligence Services?
·  False credentials which are a major minus point for the company.
·  Fraud, hacking and cybercrime planned by the employee.
·  Moto of Bank Account and database hacking.
·  You may be giving a roof to work to a terrorist.
·  Unsafe environment to work.
·  Chances of stolen assets.
·  Less Productivity.
·  Wastage of money and time on the employee’s training.
·  Less professionalism by not conducting background verification test.
As the consequences of not hiring Intelligence Services is quite horrible. But you don’t need to worry because we are ready to hold your hand for your protection. You can contact NIDAAN Intelligence Services (I) Private Limited which is India’s one of the premier background verification services company.

Contact Number:  +91-9234466631

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Multiple Internship Opportunities available at Mumbai, Delhi & Tata Nagar with NIDAAN Intelligence Services………

Rising Star of Investigation & Risk Management Industry; known as NIDAAN Intelligence Services (I) Private Limited………… Celebrat...